Why Single Cask Whisky

Many people ask us why single cask whisky is our focus at Sullivans Cove.

Unlike larger distilleries which focus on the consistency of their product by vatting together many casks, we celebrate the individuality of each single cask.

Being a single cask distillery means that every cask we release will be unique, each cask once decanted will only yield a few hundred bottles, which can never be replicated.

 This single cask approach celebrates the magic of maturation, and the discovery of flavour.

 No two trees are the same, no two casks are the same, no two whiskies are the same.

 As a whisky develops in the cask and the interactive maturation takes hold, the natural compounds of the spirit, the oak and the pre-fill mingle together with oxygen, transforming, and creating new flavour and aroma compounds.

 This creates a flavour profile completely reserved to that one single cask.

 We’re guided by nature and have the space and time to appreciate when a single cask reaches its pinnacle of balance and harmony.

With a great amount of patience and restraint, we sample each cask as many times as it takes until we feel it has reached its peak in flavour, texture and character.

Because of this, we don’t operate to a schedule or have set due dates to release our whisky. It’s ready when it’s ready.

In celebrating the singular nature of each cask and finding joy in creating something that tastes like nothing else, we embrace our role as custodians of flavour and character, at the mercy of natural elements, and time.

Every single cask is a new opportunity for discovery.

It’s a special kind of magic.