Heather Tillott

Distillery Manager

Heather is our Distillery Manager, and is responsible for all aspects of the whisky making process. Originally from the NSW South Coast, Heather is a fifteen year veteran of the hospitality industry and has worked at Sullivans Cove since 2015. With a background in winemaking, her palate and technical knowledge are outstanding, and her passion for Tassie whisky is boundless. Her hobbies include geeking, smelling and cycling, and her favourite drop is Sullivans Cove American Oak Single Cask, neat (and preferably at cask strength).

Patrick Maguire


Patrick is the man behind the world’s best single malt whisky. Descended from convicts on both sides of his family and born and raised in Tasmania, he is a true representation of the Tassie spirit. One of the founding fathers of the Tasmanian whisky industry, his passion and vision has survived countless ups and downs.

In 2018, Patrick was inducted into the global Whisky Hall of Fame. The third Aussie ever to be inducted, this accolade places Patrick among the world’s most influential whisky personalities.

Kirsten Laurie

Production Manager
Kirsten hails from the mighty island of Islay, Scotland – home to some of the world’s oldest and most famous single malt whisky distilleries, so she’s got whisky coursing through her veins in more ways than one. As our Production Manager, Kirsten is responsible for the all aspects of the day-to-day running of the distillery, from making sure Myrtle (our pot still) is bubbling along smoothly to keeping the production crew busy and safe. She also has a wonderful palate and is a key member of our tasting panel.

Simon Loader

Chief Financial Officer
Simon is the guy that pays the bills, makes sure the tax man gets his cut, and that the whole business ticks along. A Tasmanian native, he’s been in the finance business for eight years as a chartered accountant with a degree in business. His drink of choice is Sullivans Cove French Oak, neat.

Michael Eastman

Inventory Controller

Michael is one of the most experienced members of our team, and is currently our guy for everything related to stock control. Unflappable and always affable, Michael has a degree in sustainability and environmental management. As well as working to make Sullivans Cove a greener operation, he also brings years of experience working in retail spirits sales. A Tassie local for most of his life, he loves the outdoor lifestyle and can’t go past a drop of Sullivans Cove American Oak.

Sam Cumming

Sales Manager

Sam is responsible for getting our whiskies to the people who want to drink them. A sucker for a good story, he’ll do whatever he can to chase down bottles for our longstanding customers and loyal fans. Sam has been selling booze in one form or another for years, with a long history in sales is Australia’s craft scene from breweries to distilleries, as well as behind the bar in some of the country’s top venues. When he’s not behind his desk or on the phone, Sam can be found tinkering with motorbikes, in the water spearfishing for some fresh seafood or twanging his guitars.

Ally Bhana

Cellar Door Manager

Ally is our Cellar Door Manager and a true whisky fanatic. Originally from New Zealand, she decided to make the move to Hobart to learn more about the local industry after hearing about the growing whisky scene in Tasmania . On her days off, you might find Ally attending whisky tastings, visiting distilleries, or writing up tasting notes. Ally loves sharing her passion for Sullivans Cove and telling the story of the distillery and the people behind the whisky.

Tammy Shearing

Bottling Room Supervisor

Tammy is responsible for our bottling room, painstakingly washing, filling, labelling, polishing and packing every single bottle of Sullivans Cove by hand. Although a whisky novice when she joined the team, she now has a great appreciation for the product, the process of distilling, and enjoys an occasional dram of American Oak. Tasmanian born from convict heritage, Tammy enjoys exploring this beautiful state, loves spending time with her four children and three grandies, and likes nothing more than laying back to read a good book on a secluded beach.

Charlie Ketsimur


Charlie is one of our longest-standing distillers. Not only does he keep the still bubbling along day and night, he also acts as a mentor to the younger folks on the production crew and always works with incredible patience and attention to detail. Charlie also helps out with logistics around the distillery, making sure all the various bits and pieces that help us label, pack and send our products are in order. He’s partial to a glass of bubbles on a Friday night, and never fails to pick up a round.

Louise Breen

Office Manager

Lou is the glue that holds the Sullivans Cove business together, with years of experience working across local Tasmanian tourism businesses in sales, marketing and finance. From managing the administration of our distillery, organising social functions and occasionally acting as a personal mentor to the crew when we need advice or support, Lou is always here ensuring our ship sails smoothly. A Hobart local, Lou is happiest in the outdoors or around the people she loves, fishing from her kayak in the local waterways or spending time with her beautiful family.

Edward White

Supply Chain Manager

Ed is responsible for everything coming and going from Sullivans Cove, including picking, packing and shipping every precious bottle that leaves the distillery, making sure it gets where it’s going quickly and safely. After moving down from Queensland with his young family in 2019 specifically to join our team, Ed has quickly become part of the family and settled in to the relaxed pace of Tassie life.

Cameron Ross

Cellar Door

Cam is one of the most knowledgeable members of our Cellar Door team, and is responsible for making sure the crew stays up to date on new releases, tasting notes and cask details. Although born in Brisbane, Cam moved down to Tassie soon after for the more agreeable weather. He has worked in hotels and tourism for many years and his affinity for talking all things whisky puts him right at home at the Cellar Door chatting to visitors. His favourite dram is our rare American Oak Cask Strength (at a whopping 69.1%!), but when that’s not within arms reach, he’ll have an unfiltered American Oak Single Cask, neat.

Richard Mathews


Rich is a member of our production crew after moving across from the Cellar Door team, and is one of the most passionate whisky nerds around. With a collection of over 200 bottles at home, his knowledge of whisky is second to none. Starting off his career as a mechanic, his love for Tasmanian whisky soon took over, and he now spends his time practicing his dad jokes in between still runs. If he isn’t working, you may find him enjoying a dram of our very limited American oak cask strength release.

Joy McConnochie


Joy joined our production crew in 2019 after moving across from the Cellar Door. Born in New Zealand but raised in Hobart, she has worked in hospitality for over 10 years and loves sharing her passion for Tasmanian whisky with anyone who’ll listen. Her favourite Sullivans Cove whisky is French Oak ex tawny, neat.

Reuben McConnochie


Reuben is one of the newest members of our production team, but hopes one day to be a part of the furniture. He has years experience on both sides of some of Hobart’s best gin and whisky bars and there’s nothing in this world he loves more than a dram of Tasmanian whisky. With his extensive knowledge and passion for hospitality and craft spirits, he’s right at home here producing some of the world’s best whisky. Though originally hailing from new Zealand, he’s full of Tasmanian spirit in more ways than one!

Lindsay Pringle

Bottling Room

Lindsay represents a big leap forward for Sullivans Cove as our second person on the bottling line! Alongside Tammy, Lindsay makes sure every label is straight, every bottle is shiny and every release of Sullivans Cove is carefully packed for its journey on. A 7th generation Tasmanian, she loves all things Tassie, so when she’s not at work you might catch her enjoying a scenic hike across our beautiful island, or relaxing at home with a cuppa.