Sullivans Cove Distillery
  • Global Brand Innovator of the year
American Oak Second-Fill Cask TD0452
  • Best Australian Single Cask Single Malt under 12 years
16 Year Old ‘Old & Rare’ American Oak Second-Fill Cask TD054
  • Gold – Single Cask Single Malt 13-20 years


Second-Fill casks are a truly special part of our distillery.


A handpicked selection of our best barrels are refilled, and what follows is a slow and gentle collaboration of spirit and oak.

Sullivans Cove’s spirit in its purest form.


This results in a softer, less oak-forward whisky with a complexity that is unique to Second-Fill casks.


Our best kept secret until now, Second-Fill casks reveal Sullivans Cove’s spirit in its purest form.

Nothing highlights that spirit better


Our graceful still, Myrtle, creates such a wonderful and unique spirit.


And nothing highlights that spirit better than Second-Fill barrels.

“Second-Fill whisky presents our spirit character in its purest form. The heart and soul of the distillery on display, with nowhere to hide.”


Heather Tillott – Sullivans Cove Distillery Manager

Sullivans Cove Second-Fill – “A whisky where you can properly taste the barley, the barley sugars, the copper, the time and then the cask.”


Matt Bailey – Branch Director |
Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Sullivans Cove Second-Fill – “The benefit [to refill casks] is really showcasing and highlighting the spirit character… It’s almost a sense of pride around the quality of their spirit that they are producing.”


Lachlan Watt – Bar Manager |
Whisky & Alement

Sullivans Cove Second-Fill – “You can enjoy those typical flavours you get from the oak but in a more restrained and delicate style which allows for the spirit to shine that bit more.”


@agirltastingwhiskey – Whisky Enthusiast