Ballot F.A.Q

Why are you using a ballot system?

The short answer is to ensure our supporters have an equal opportunity to purchase our whisky. The longer answer is slightly more complicated. We’ve noticed a trend that leans toward bots, tech-savvy coders and certain automations snapping up our whisky as soon as it goes on sale. This presented our team with a problem we’ve worked hard to address. We want to ensure all our customers have a fair chance to secure a bottle and we believe that our ballot system, which is underpinned by best practice technology, helps to solve this issue.

Also, given demand for our whisky has reached unprecedented levels (with releases selling out in minutes), we want to provide enough time for our supporters to enter.

How does the ballot technology work?

Each entry goes through a multi-step security verification process that confirms the purchaser is a human and not a bot or automated software. The technology also only allows one entry per person, eliminating duplicate entries against unique identification tags. Best in class security protocols are also employed, complying with country-specific standards to make sure customer information is always safe and secure. 

I’ve supported Sullivans Cove for years, how does this ballot system look after me?

The technology used by our ballot system is specifically designed and programmed to filter out resellers and spammers, meaning less bottles end up in their hands, and more in those of our genuine supporters. We will continue to adapt our methods of release if necessary.

What is EQL/Run Fair?

EQL is a launch platform, specifically created to manage the release of limited, high demand products in the fairest possible way. EQL helps to prevent sites crashing, stop scammers and deliver a launch that is gives everyone the best chance to secure a bottle.

Can I get a bottle from each cask?

Each release is run as an independent ballot, you will need to enter each one if you would like to win both bottles.

Why do I need to set up a new account?

To enter a ballot, you will need to sign up for a EQL account. This account information is important for EQL to ensure every entry is a real person and prevent multiple, or computer generated signups.

I can’t log in with my Sullivans Cove account.

To enter the ballot you will need to create an account with EQL, this is separate to the Sullivans Cove account you would normally use to make purchases in our web store.

Can I enter multiple times for the same cask?

No, entries are one per person per household. Any attempt to enter multiple times may result in all entries being removed from the ballot.

Does submitting an entry guarantee me a bottle?

No. It does however guarantee you an entry into the draw and a fair chance to win.

Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?

Credit card details help us confirm that you are a human. They also allow us to check if any fraudulent activity has occurred on the card. It’s a robust security measure that allows us to deliver a fair draw for everyone. Providing your credit details is one of many important steps that confirms your spot in the draw.

Am I charged for entering a draw?

No. You are only charged if you are successfully selected at the close of the draw.

Am I charged for winning a draw?

If you are successful, you will be charged the retail price + the postage and handling fee explained when submitting your entry. Your bottle will be shipped by us to your specified shipping address.

How do I know if I’ve won?

You will be alerted via SMS and email shortly after the draw has closed.

If I submit my entry and change my mind prior to the ballot being drawn, is there a chance to withdraw?

Yes. Head back to the launch page and you should see a red button that says ‘Cancel my Entry’ Click that and you’re now out of the draw.

If I win the draw, can I change my mind and withdraw?

Verified entries are binding. Once an entry is confirmed, you have agreed to purchase the whisky if you win (as per the terms and conditions). Once a whisky is allocated to a successful draw entrant, the product is no longer available for other entrants to buy.

What payment methods can I use?

Credit and debit cards can be used, including American Express. Unfortunately PayPal is not supported at this time.

I didn’t get my email or SMS verification.

Press the resend button on the verification page.

What is the credit card verification step that asks for a pin number?

This is called 3D secure and confirms with your bank that you are the real card holder. This process ensures that the card is not stolen or fraudulent activity hasn’t occurred on it previously.

What do I do if 3D secure isn’t working for me?

3D secure is managed by your bank. If you are having issues, please contact them. You can also try to switch devices. For example, move from desktop to mobile.