Cask Variations

Single Malt

Tasmanian whisky
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Launched in 2018, Sullivans Cove Cask Variations represent unique variations on our core range.

Our most recent Cask Variations bottling, first released in April 2020, was an American Oak Refill cask. Unlike our standard American Oak ex-Bourbon Single Cask, which is aged in casks previously used to mature American whiskey, this whisky was aged in a cask that was used previously for an older batch of Sullivans Cove single malt.

In June 2019, we released a French Oak White Wine cask. Unlike our standard French Oak Single Cask, which is aged in ex-tawny (Australian port-style fortified wine) casks, this French Oak cask previously held Australian white wine, lending the whisky a green, floral note along with the rich spice from the French Oak timber.

Our first Limited Edition was a single cask of American Oak Tawny. Unlike our standard American Oak Single Cask, which is aged inĀ  ex-bourbon barrels, this whisky was matured in an American oak cask previously used to age Australian tawny fortified wine. The resulting whisky was a hybrid of our French and American Oak styles, with the caramel and vanilla of American Oak combining with the rich fruit of fortified wine.

Look our for more Cask Variations bottlings in the the future.

~ 47.5% ALC/VOL
Distilled in Tasmania

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