Sullivans Cove Special Cask TD0231


Every once in a while, we find something exceptional in our warehouse; a different kind of barrel from our usual French and American oak casks. It might be wine, virgin oak, refill or something else entirely, but if we decide to give it a green label, you can be sure it’s something incredibly special and rare.

Each barrel is unique, producing only a few hundred bottles. So, each time another bottle of Special Cask is opened, a new page in the distillery’s story is turned.


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A piece of sullivans cove history

Our second Special Cask release (cask TD0231) comes from a 200 litre American Oak cask previously filled with Australian tawny fortified wine.


This cask strength, single cask bottling comes in at 63.8% ABV and produced only 186 bottles.


At 9 years old, this whisky is an absolute beast, the opposite of our first Special Cask release. Dark, rich and hugely powerful, this is a whisky for the port-and-oak-bomb lovers, and anyone wanting to experience Sullivans Cove at cask strength.


‘We were really happy to discover the risk we took filling this cask 9 years ago has paid off. We had no idea this type of cask would mature into such a good whisky – rich, creamy, full of flavour and beautifully different from our usual casks. I wish we filled more at the time!’

Patrick Maguire, Head Distiller


Tasting notes:


NOSE: Rich molasses, charred raisins, strong black tea, star anise and toffee creams.

PALATE: Deep caramel and brown sugar, plums dried over a campfire.

FINISH: Dense toasted oak, lingering sweetness and warm apple pie spice with huge length.

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