Sullivans Cove Special Cask


Every once in a while, we find something exceptional in our warehouse; a different kind of barrel from our usual French and American oak casks. It might be wine, virgin oak, refill or something else entirely, but if we decide to give it a green label, you can be sure it’s something incredibly special and rare.

Each barrel is unique, producing only a few hundred bottles. So, each time another bottle of Special Cask is opened, a new page in the distillery’s story is turned.

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A piece of sullivans cove history

Our first ever release of Special Cask (Barrel TD0202) comes from a 300 litre French Oak cask previously used to mature Australian Chardonnay.


A first for Sullivans Cove, this white wine cask aged whisky has matured for just under ten years, producing an exceptional and unique spirit unlike anything we’ve ever bottled before.


“When we tasted this cask it was like hitting the jackpot”

Patrick Maguire Sullivans Cove Head Distiller


Tasting notes:

NOSE: Bright with fresh green apple, vanilla, vine flowers, rolled oats and fresh oak.

PALATE: Outstandingly textural with great grip, lively tropical fruits, honey and fresh herbs.

FINISH: Warm buttered scones and soft lingering oak.

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