Patrick Maguire

Head Distiller

Patrick is the man behind the world’s best single malt whisky. Descended from convicts on both sides of his family and born and raised in Tasmania, he is a true representation of the Tassie spirit. One of the founding fathers of the Tasmanian whisky industry, his passion and vision has survived countless ups and downs. He does everything from rolling barrels to judging international whisky competitions, and still chooses every barrel of Sullivans Cove by hand.

Heather Tillott

Production Manager

Heather is our Production Manager, and oversees the day-to-day operation of the distillery. Originally from the NSW South Coast, Heather is a fifteen year veteran of the hospitality industry and has worked at Sullivans Cove since 2015. With a background in winemaking, her palate and technical knowledge are outstanding, and her passion for Tassie whisky is boundless. Her hobbies include geeking, smelling and cycling, and her favourite drop is Sullivans Cove American Oak Single Cask, neat (and preferably at cask strength).

Amanda Beck

Marketing & Sales Manager

Amanda is the one who makes sure our whisky gets to the hands of the people who want to drink it, and makes sure new people get to hear the Sullivans Cove story every day. A Melbourne native, she has almost twenty years of sales and marketing experience in the wine and spirits industry. She’s also the brains behind Fire Drum single malt vodka, made right here at Sullivans Cove distillery. Her drink is Fire Drum on the rocks, or American Oak neat.

Fred Siggins

Strategy Manager

Fred is a twenty year veteran of the hospitality industry as a bartender, drinks expert, writer and consultant. He sets long term strategy for Sullivans Cove across all aspects of the business including sales & marketing, production, digital infrastructure, branding, cellar door and new product development. He likes talking and thinking about whisky almost as much as he likes drinking it. His favourite dram is the lighter, fruitier Sullivans Cove American Oak casks.

Michael Eastman

Operations & Distilling

Michael is one of our most experienced distillers, and is also our guy for everything logistics and stock control. Unflappable and always affable, Michael has a degree in sustainability and environmental management. As well as working to make Sullivans Cove a greener operation, he also brings years of experience working in retail spirits sales. A Tassie local for most of his life, he loves the outdoor lifestyle and can’t go past a drop of Sullivans Cove American Oak.

Tom Ambroz

Cellar Door Manager
Grown in the hills of Kingston, Tasmania, Tom is a ten year veteran of the hospitality industry as a bartender, bar owner and also producing Australia’s first bespoke bitters range. Tom returned to Tassie to work for Sullivans Cove in July, and as the Cellar Door manager he is probably the one you’ll see when you visit. His favourite Sullivans drink is Double Cask for breakfast, American Oak for lunch and French Oak for dinner.

Phillip “Jacko” Jackson

Operations & Distilling
Jacko’s been around for yonks. He runs the still with a deft touch, drives the fork lift like a champion, rolls barrels like a beast, and makes a mean cuppa. A native Tasmanian, he’s been mates with Patrick for ages and has worked at Sullivans Cove for over 12 years, making him an absolute veteran of our little operation. He loves a French Oak, preferably straight out of the cask.

Simon Loader

Finance Manager
Simon is the guy that pays the bills, makes sure the tax man gets his cut, and that the whole business ticks along. A Tasmanian native, he’s been in the finance business for eight years as a chartered accountant with a degree in business. His drink of choice is Sullivans Cove French Oak, neat.

Tammy Shearing

Bottling Room

Tammy is responsible for our bottling room, painstakingly washing, filling, labelling, polishing and packing every single bottle of Sullivans Cove by hand. Although a whisky novice when she joined the team, she now has a great appreciation for the product, the process of distilling, and enjoys an occasional dram of American Oak. Tasmanian born from convict heritage, Tammy enjoys exploring this beautiful state, loves spending time with her four children and three grandies, and likes nothing more than laying back to read a good book on a secluded beach.

Charlie Ketsimur

Distiller & Logistics

Charlie is one of our longest-standing distillers. Not only does he keep the still bubbling along day and night, he also acts as a mentor to the younger folks on the production crew and always works with incredible patience and attention to detail. Charlie also helps out with logistics around the distillery, making sure all the various bits and pieces that help us label, pack and send our products are in order. He’s partial to a glass of bubbles on a Friday night, and never fails to pick up a round.

Jamie Kelly

Jamie is our Administrative Supervisor – the grease in the gears of the Sullivans Cove machine. She makes the place tick by keeping every area of the business organised, especially focused on finance, logistics and customer service. Jamie has 8 years of experience in tourism & hospitality under her belt and is currently working toward a degree in Marketing. An advocate for slow island life, Jamie is contently based on the rugged Tassie Peninsula, tucked away from all the hustle and bustle. Left to her own devices, she may be found enjoying a peaceful bush walk, and although partial to Tasmania’s brilliant wines, she has also developed a fondness for the Sullivans Cove XO Single Cask Brandy.

Tyron Tsiaousis

Distiller & Cellar Door

Ty hails from South Africa, but has lived in Australia for the last nine years, now as a proud Tasmanian. With 13 years experience in the hospitality industry, Ty is also one of the friendliest people you’re ever likely to meet. While previously our Cellar Door Supervisor, Ty now spends most of his time out the back making whisky, but if you’re lucky you’ll still find him doing occasional tours and tastings with a passion for whisky that’s nothing short of infectious.

Cameron Ross

Logistics & Cellar Door

As well as leading tours and tastings at our Cellar Door, Cam also heads up our logistics and fulfilment system, ensuring that every order from our online store gets from us to you as quickly and easily as possible. Although born in Brisbane, Cam moved down to Tassie soon after for the more agreeable weather. He has worked in hotels and tourism for many years and his affinity for talking all things whisky puts him right at home at the Cellar Door chatting to visitors. His favourite dram is our rare American Oak Cask Strength (at a whopping 69.1%!), but when that’s not within arms reach, he’ll have an unfiltered American Oak Single Cask, neat.

Ryan Beard

Distiller & Cellar Door

Ryan has loved whisky since his grandfather had him pour his drams when he was still just a pup. From there he’s always loved the interactions and experience whisky can bring to people. Growing up and working on his family’s farm gave Ryan a practical work ethic, where no job is less important than another. This is fundamental to his work as a distiller at Sullivans Cove where attention to detail and quality are key values. Working in bars has also given Ryan the gift of the gab, and his tours and tastings are entertaining and full of great stories.

James Cazaly

Distiller & Cellar Door

Cheeno’s been in hospo for ten years and covered everything from bars to security to management of bars, clubs and hotels, and now onto production of whisky and beer. He’s a whizz at running the stills and also does a brilliant tour, when his legs are working. His favourite Sullivans Cove dram is Special Cask Edition #2 (fair call), but loves a Double Cask if he’s having a few.

Joy McConnochie

Cellar Door

Joy is one of the newest staff members working in our Cellar door. Born in New Zealand but raised in Hobart, she has worked in hospitality for over 10 years and loves sharing her passion for Tasmanian whisky. Stop by for a chat and she’ll be happy to share her many recommendations for the best places for an excellent dram in Tasmania. Her favourite Sullivans Cove whisky is French Oak ex tawny, neat.