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Where can I buy a bottle of Sullivans Cove whisky?

The majority of our whisky is released via ballot, so entering a ballot is the best way to purchase a bottle. To enter the ballot, you’ll need to join our mailing list here in order to be notified of upcoming whisky being released by ballot. We also have a small selection available to buy from our cellar door at the distillery in Hobart.

To find out more about how our ballot system works, visit our ballot FAQ here.

When is your next release?

Unlike most distilleries, we don’t have a release schedule. Every cask is assessed by our tasting panel and only once it has scored in the excellent range by the panel do we bottle and release a whisky. This means that you might be have to wait a while for your favourite product to be available. The best way to find out what is being released when, is to join our mailing list here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please see our shipping page for more info on international orders.

My American Express keeps getting rejected. Why?

American Express cardholders must ensure that their American Express account is updated with current billing and shipping addresses. If these are entered differently to the information in your AmEx account when trying to purchase, the card will be rejected (this is an extra security feature of AmEx) potentially causing you to miss out on an item


How much is my old bottle of Sullivans Cove worth?

We’ve released many different whiskies over the years, all in tiny batches, and demand is very high, so old bottles often command high prices at auction. For current releases, you can check recommended retail pricing on our web store. If you see a bottle that’s not a current release and want to know what it is, check our “Past Releases” page. But we do not offer pricing advice on historical releases. For that info you’re better off asking a rare whisky dealer or retailer.

Can I visit the distillery?

Yes, we love visitors! We’re open for tours and tastings seven days a week. See the Visit Us page for more information or to make a booking.

Why is my whisky cloudy/have floaty bits in the bottom of the bottle?

At Sullivans Cove, we never use chill filtration. This means that sometimes the naturally occurring oils in the whisky will come out of solution, especially in cold weather, and make your whisky appear cloudy or form into sediment at the bottom of your bottle. It’s totally safe, and nothing to worry about. You can read more about it here: Flocking & Filtration

Why doesn’t my bottle taste the same as the last one I tried?

Sullivans Cove is a single cask distillery, meaning we bottle one cask at a time without mixing them together the way most commercial distilleries do. This means each cask displays its own individual characteristics. Every tiny batch of Sullivans Cove is unique, which is what makes each bottle so special, and that’s how we like it.