Find the answers to your burning questions below

1. I’m signed up to your mailing list. Now what?

Mailing list members have exclusive access to our releases before they are made available for sale to the general public, giving you the best chance to buy a bottle before anyone else. However, being on the mailing list is not a guarantee that you will be able to purchase a bottle from every release. Our releases are very limited and usually sell out within a few minutes – the simple fact is that there are a lot more people who want to buy bottles of our whisky than we have to sell.

But the vast majority of all the whisky we produce is released directly to our mailing list, so it’s still by far the best way to purchase a bottle.


  • Most of our releases are strictly limited to one bottle per person. Any attempt to violate this policy will see your order cancelled, and you may be banned from the mailing list
  • We do not condone the reselling of products purchased from our online store. These releases are intended for genuine drinkers and collectors! If you violate these terms we reserve the right to remove you from the mailing list. For wholesale enquiries, please email info@sullivancove.com
2. When do you release new products?

We don’t announce the exact day and time of new releases, and we switch it up frequently to give everyone an equal chance of purchasing, but we will usually announce upcoming releases on our social media channels a few days beforehand

3. I keep on missing out on releases! What Gives?!

Things have been a little crazy around here at Sullivans Cove with unprecedented demand for our whiskies, meaning our releases are selling out faster and faster. We know this can cause some frustration, so here are some tips that will hopefully make your experience better:

  • It’s a good idea to make sure Sullivans Cove is in your trusted contacts list so your spam filter doesn’t accidentally filter out these emails, and to set up email alerts so you know straight away when we’ve released a new batch
  • Make sure you follow us on social media, as we’ll usually announce that there’s an upcoming release a few days in advance so you can keep an eye on your email
  • It’s also a good idea to set yourself up an account on our web store where you can pre-fill your shipping and payment details to make checkout faster. Please note that signing up for the mailing list is not the same as signing up for an account in our website to do so please visit: https://shop.sullivanscove.com/account/register
4. Do you ship internationally?


Please see our SHIPPING page for more info on international orders.

5. I had an item in my cart and it disappeared! What happened??

Due to the very limited numbers of our releases, having an item in your cart does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase it – you must complete payment to secure your item

6. My American Express keeps getting rejected. Why?

American Express cardholders must ensure that their American Express account is updated with current billing and shipping addresses. If these are entered differently to the information in your AmEx account when trying to purchase, the card will be rejected (this is an extra security feature of AmEx) potentially causing you to miss out on an item

7. How much is my old bottle of Sullivans Cove worth?

We’ve released many different whiskies over the years, all in tiny batches, and demand is very high, so old bottles often command high prices at auction. For current releases, you can check recommended retail pricing on our web store. If you see a bottle that’s not a current release and want to know what it is, check our “Past Releases” page. But we do not offer pricing advice on historical releases. For that info you’re better off asking a rare whisky dealer or retailer.

8. Can I come visit the distillery?

Yes! We love visitors. We’re open for tours and tastings seven days a week. Visit THE DISTILLERY page for more info or to make a booking.

9. Why is my whisky cloudy/have floaty bits in the bottom of the bottle?

At Sullivans Cove, we never use chill filtration. This means that sometimes the naturally occurring oils in the whisky will come out of solution, especially in cold weather, and make your whisky appear cloudy or form into sediment at the bottom of your bottle. It’s totally safe, and nothing to worry about. You can read more about it here: Flocking & Filtration

10. Why doesn’t my bottle taste the same as the last one I tried?

Sullivans Cove is a single cask distillery, meaning we bottle one cask at a time without mixing them together the way most commercial distilleries do. This means each cask displays its own individual characteristics. Every tiny batch of Sullivans Cove is unique, which is what makes each bottle so special, and that’s how we like it!