Our Story

The birthplace of Tasmanian whisky

In 1994, on an island at the far end of the world, a distillery was born from humble beginnings. Away from the hard stare of the whisky establishment, we were free to explore and perfect our process. We were informed by the past, but also inspired by the possible. Bringing a distinctly Tasmanian twist to a whisky craft, shaped by centuries of practice.

Slowly, we reconnected with the ‘why’ of whisky.

20 years later, this commitment to carefully crafting exceptional whisky, inspired by nature and patiently aged, was rewarded when Sullivans Cove was named the World’s Best Whisky. Overnight the secret was out. Special things were quietly happening on this small island, and whisky lovers globally were intrigued.

At the opposite end of the globe to whisky’s original birthplace, Sullivans Cove was turning the whisky world on its head. Obsessively and slowly handcrafting single cask whisky, with no two batches the same. Each, an opportunity for exploration.

Today, we remain committed to seeking the sublime.

At our distillery in Hobart, we use our human senses to nurture each cask to its natural peak. A thousand tiny decisions go into helping each batch of whisky reach its full potential.

Beyond putting Tasmanian and Australian whisky on the global map, we hope to help cultivate a new generation of whisky lovers. Discerning seekers, who are looking to experience something out of the ordinary, and who appreciate our intimate and heartfelt approach to handcrafted whisky distilling.

In a world of instant gratification and impatient consumption, we offer an alternative. Genuinely rare whisky which can’t be rushed, and which can never be replicated.