When you combine master-craftsmanship with the best natural ingredients that Mother Nature can provide, the end result is something truly breathtaking – Sullivans Cove Single Malt Whisky.



Tasmania has some of the most favourable growing conditions on the planet. Deep red basalt soils, bountiful water and a mild climate result in barley that is perfect for malting. One of the longest-running and strictest quarantine programs in the world means that the island and its produce is kept pristine. We only use Tasmanian-grown barley to make our whisky, simply because it is the best.



You would struggle to get cleaner water than in Tasmania.

The World Meteorological Organization–Global Atmosphere Watch (WMO-GAW) has one of its three Baseline Air Pollution stations on our island. Basically, the air is so clean here that it is used as a benchmark against which air pollution is measured around the world. The cleanliness of Tasmania’s air means that our rainwater is also vastly cleaner than anywhere else in the world.

A large proportion of the island is covered in rainforest and it is in these ancient Tasmanian forests that the water begins the journey that ultimately leads it to a bottle of our finest single malt.



Possibly the biggest single factor affecting the eventual outcome of whisky is the type of barrel in which it is matured. Careful barrel selection is crucial to ensure that the spirit is able to reach its full potential. We use American oak Bourbon barrels and French oak Port barrels, because these barrel types best complement and enhance the unique Tasmanian flavours in our whisky.

The Still

We use a traditional copper pot still to make our single malt whisky. Each still imparts its unique subtleties and nuances to the flavour of the spirit; our still was handmade in Tasmania to our specifications and it perfectly captures the true flavours of Tasmania in each batch of spirit.




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Liquor Licence Number: 75253

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Under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 it is an offence:

For liquor to be delivered to a person under the age of 18 years. Penalty: fine not exceeding 20 penalty units.

For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase liquor. Penalty: fine not exceeding 10 penalty units.