Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

In 1992 Jim Murray became the world’s first full time whisky writer and is believed to have visited more whisky distilleries than anyone else on earth. In 2003 Jim began his Whisky Bible, an ongoing project that aims to annually rate every whisky available on the market, rating some 4000 brands annually. Jim tastes every whisky himself and his famous scoring system rates each dram out of 100 based on nose, taste, finish and balance, each worth 25 points.  Scores above 94.5/100 are awarded the highly coveted Liquid Gold status and limited edition bottlings are known to rapidly rise in price upon achieving Liquid Gold status. Much like Robert Parker’s effect on wine, Jim’s influence on the whisky world is unrivalled. www.whiskybible.com




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Under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 it is an offence:

For liquor to be delivered to a person under the age of 18 years. Penalty: fine not exceeding 20 penalty units.

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